select embroideries from the pseudofiles

(all designs are kustom - not part of the pseudodudo clothing collection)

embroidered shirts for the caterpillar quinceañera

embroidered shirts for sausage fest vi

embroidered shirts for cory wong

embroidered shirts for the cactus cats

embroidered shirts to mark a very special anniversary

embroidered shirts for all friends of gabe

embroidered shirts for the followers of meir

embroidered shirts for crimson

embroidered shirts and crewnecks for a band of travelers

embroidered caps for a prideful doggy owner

embroidered shirts for the union of b+t

embroidered crewnecks for the sisterhood of the five crowns

embroidered shirts for the satlan squad

embroidered crewnecks for some very smart men in germany




select artwork from the pseudofiles

road trip commemorative artwork, for the residents of 1223

portrait of cricket, for cricket's family

house crest, for the residents of 9 christopher st

ross family home illustration, for the ross family


select logos from the pseudofiles

logo for the West 10th united spikeball club

logo for gima glass

logo for jamburgh

logo for youth basketball

logo for musician ian kieffer

logo for clockwise

logo for circles on sounds

logo for foreign islandx  (via clockwise)

logo for bassist aidan epstein

logo for guitarist jason greenlaw

logo for inflatable space station

logo for frisbie's pies (redrawn from archival photographs)

logo for countdown

logo for drummer steve ippolito